SGT For Guys


Our SGT for Guys program welcomes guys of all ages and all abilities. Beginners are welcome!

Each session is 55 minutes long, incorporating strength training, cardio drills and core strength. We do an initial assessment with you to start to see exactly what weight you can currently safely lift with good form, a bike fit and cardio test, and a core assessment. Our program requires a 4 month minimum commitment, so you'll see clear progress in your strength and cardio throughout the program. We limit each session to 5 guys to ensure each guy is executing proper form and technique.


1 day a week, $134 a month plus tax

2 days a week, $234 a month plus tax

Our current openings include:

Monday 4:30pm (1 spot)

Monday 7:15pm

Wednesday 7:45pm (1 spot)

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 Personal Training For Guys

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You'll receive an individualized session based on your initial assessment results, and then we re-assess you in 12 weeks to see your improvements. It’s exciting to see what changes have happened from the start of training!

We hold you accountable, period. We sit down during the assessment to discuss what you want to achieve, and we figure out an action plan together to make it happen.


$75/hr per hour plus tax, 6 session minimum purchase