Small Group Training (SGT) is our specialty! We have over 60 groups running each week, of up to 5 awesome women in a group. 

Our sessions are either 45 minutes (early mornings only) or 55 minutes in length.  We start you off with an initial assessment, to see where you are starting from.  We assess your starting cardio level, overall strength, core strength and flexibility.  From there, we re-assess you roughly every 4 months afterwards, so you can see clear progress!  We also do regular measurements (if desired), and send out a clean-eating meal plan every week, complete with recipes and your grocery list! 

Our workouts are AWESOME!  We change the format on a monthly basis so you will be challenged physically and mentally (never bored!).  We modify all of our workouts so you can see success wherever you are at:  fitness rookie or hardcore!  We have women of ALL ages, sizes and abilities at our studio.  Some of the equipment we use include:  free weights, TRX, bosu, medicine balls, Bosu, stability balls, cable machines, etc.  You WILL become stronger, fitter and healthier!


Our Small Group Training is a registered program, with a minimum 4 month commitment (as that is how long it takes to see positive change!).  After the 4 month commitment has passed, clients continue on a monthly basis.  We just ask for a 30 day written cancellation notice after the 4 month initial commitment has been completed!

1 day a week:  $134 a month plus tax

2 days a week:  $234 a month plus tax

3 days a week:  $304 a month plus tax

4 days a week:  $364 a month plus tax

Current openings include:

Monday 6:25am with Chrissy

Tuesday 4:00pm with Jacqueline

Tuesday 6:00pm with Jacqueline

Wednesday 6:25am with Chrissy

Friday 5:30am with Chrissy

Friday 6:25am with Shauna

Friday 6:30am with Chrissy

Subject to availability and starting fitness level