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Small Group Training

Our award-winning 55 minute sessions welcome everyBODY, all ages and all levels. Each session is curated to individual abilities, designed to leave you feeling sweaty and successful! We design each session to be well-balanced and full body, incorporating strength training, core strength and cardio drills that everyone can, we make it fun! 

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Ocean Park Openings

Monday 6:30am with Teresa (2 spots!)

Monday 12:15pm with Vanessa (1 spot left!)

Tuesday 9:05am with Vanessa(2 spots!)

Wednesday 9:05am with Jen(2 spots!)

Thursday 8am with Jen (1 spot!)

Friday 6:30am with Lyndsey (2 spots!)

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Initial assessment

Each SGT client receives a 1hr initial assessment, in order to understand your starting fitness foundation. Then the trainer can safely train you, and you can see clear progress.

Ongoing assessments

Not only do you get our initial 1hr assessment, but we reassess you 3x a year so you can see that you are getting stronger and healthier. Consistency pays off! 

We get to know YOU

We are not just 'a gym' but a special community where we build a relationship with you. Our trainers get to know not only what weight you can lift, but about your goals and your life!

Weekly clean-eating meal plan

Every Friday, our clients receive a weekly clean-eating meal plan created by Christine, to help support your nutrition goals and to keep you on track!

Guaranteed time slot

No stress or showing up early trying to get a spot! We book you into a regular time and day that works for your schedule! Your time slot is guaranteed!

Accountability and support

We are here for you! We want you to succeed and will help you anyway possible so you can become your absolute best!

SGT pricing

1 day a week: $139 a month

2 days a week: $239 a month 

3 days a week: $309 a month

All prices exclude taxes and fees, payments are based on a 28 day billing cycle via automatic credit card payment. 

Please note that all purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Thank you.


What our clients say!

Colleen J.

 I totally loved it from the very beginning and realized it was exactly the type of fitness program for me. Christine and all the trainers are amazing and not only do we work very hard with very personalized attention, the workouts are varied for every class so you not only never get bored but see awesome results. The environment is very non judgemental and non competitive making you work very hard for your own benefit in the midst of a very fun environment. We have many laughs every class and have all made many new and very special friends. I would highly recommend Christine and her extremely skilled team to anyone looking for a fun and positive fitness approach for any age range.

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