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About Us

Join a fitness community that will motivate, inspire and empower you to become your absolute best!

We believe that getting stronger and healthier is just as important for you mentally, not just physically. We welcome all ages, all levels and everyBODY to Thrive. Our positive and supportive fitness community teaches that long-lasting and sustainable change IS possible, by learning healthy habits and embracing moderation(not deprivation!). 


Our award-winning team will be with you every step on your journey to better health and wellness! 

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Our Story

Thrive was created in late 2015, with a vision to show people that we can not only overcome hard challenges in life, but even thrive! Thrive wanted to be different, not 'just a gym' but a positive and supportive fitness community that truly welcomed EVERYONE. And, no matter what our differences in age, ability level and background, that we could bring people together through the desire to become our absolute best. We believe that life is too short, so we proudly focus on a holistic approach showing that living a full and healthy life can be possible without judgement, diets and scales. 

Meet The Team

Thrive Training Team 2022.jpg
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